New Atheist Christopher Hitchens Was Wrong

(1) Christopher Hitchens was wrong when he stated in god Is Not Great (102) that the “Hebrew Bible” is the same as the “Pentateuch.”

     * Hitchens was wrong because the Hebrew Bible consists of three parts, the Law (which may be called the Pentateuch), the Prophets, and the Writings.  When Jesus, in Matthew 7:12, recites the Golden Rule and states that “this is the law and the prophets.” he is referring to two of the three parts of the Hebrew Bible.   A person only superficially knowledgeable about Christianity and Judaism is not likely to know this.

(2) Christopher Hitchens was blindly ignorant when he wrote in god Is Not Great (225, 226) that male circumcision is “a hideous procedure” and that “medicine has exploded .,.. claims” that the procedure has health benefits.

     * Hitchens ignored medical facts readily available, because incontestable findings released before publication of his book make clear that male circumcision has significant health benefits.  In Africa, uncircumcised (mainly Christian) men are signifcantly more likely to become HIV-positive than circumcised (mainly Muslim) men.  The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) have both recommended that male circumcision be provided as an important intervention to reduce heterosexually acquired HIV in men.

(3) Christopher Hitchens’s research on religion was superficial and simplistic because, in god Is Not Great (4, 103, 155, 247), he cites only one book on religion by Freud and nothing else.

     * Hitchens’s research was unacceptably minimal because he failed to cite Freud’s other two books on religion, nor any of the writings of other important researchers, such as Durkheim, Eliade, Frazer, Geertz, Malinowski, Robertson Smith, Tyler, or Weber.

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