New Atheists Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris are wrong

(1) Richard Dawkins is wrong when he states in The God Delusion (303) that “even mild and moderate religion helps to provide the climate of faith in which extremism naturally flourishes.”

     * Dawkins is wrong to stigmatize religion because extremists may utilize any writings to support violent actions.  Communists used the US Declaration of Independence to rationalize revolution because it states that “when any Form of Government becomes destructive …. it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it.”

(2) Richard Dawkins is ignorant of the cultural aspects of religion when he states in The God Delusion (338) that “Small children are too young to decide their views on the origins of the cosmos, of life and of morals.”

     * Dawkins fails to understand that religion is far more than theology.  It involves rituals celebrating the births of children, as well as practices in the home attended by children, and artifacts in the home seen by children that are religious symbols.  These aspects of culture pertain whether the home is Christian, Jewish, or Muslim.

(3) Richard Dawkins misunderstands Genesis 22, the binding of Isaac, when he states in The God Delusion (242) that “this disgraceful story is an example of … child abuse.”

     * Dawkins fails to appreciate the fact that, when this story was written, child sacrifice existed nearby, among Phoenicians and Carthaginians.  One function of the story is to show that child sacrifice is unnecessary to please God, an opposite interpretation from Dawkins’s view.

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